The aim of this new television channel continuity is to update and energize the image of veo7 while keeping its current logo. The oblique shape comes directly from the V in veo7. This shape provides the unifying theme that will be featured in all the animated audiovisual pieces of the channel.

This main oblique shape will vary in size and position in order to reveal the logo. The clean lines of the graphic design contrast with an apparently chaotic but however organized animation where the lines follow previously drawn diagonal patterns that echo the new graphic image.

The main features of the typography are the medium and thick strokes with serif that provide perfect legibility in medium and small font sizes.
The names of the different thematic contents on the scheduled grid are framed by the basic graphic shape, forming stackable items.

Lettering will appear on the colour block assigned to each type of event. The primary colour will only be used to advertise several events from different thematic contents appearing on the same piece.

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